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Stay In Compliance

Sterilizers need a professional cleaning on a yearly basis based upon the original equipment manufacturers (OEM) instructions for use (IFU).  This is to maintain the effectiveness and efficiency of the unit along with maintaining the appearance of the interior of the chamber.  Without proper care, the efficiency and effectiveness of the sterilizer could be compromised over time.

A thorough chamber cleaning will ensure the life expectancy of your unit for the following reasons:  

  • Scale buildup reduces the efficiency of the heating element causing the unit to work harder and decreasing its life expectancy

  • Once the buildup occurs, it can render the unit less effective in sterilizing, causing contamination with sterile packs

  • Continuous buildup from hard water, mineral deposits or old filtration systems to name a few, can lead to blockage in the drainage system 

With increasing safety regulations, yearly cleanings will help your organization stay compliant with your units.  We will provide necessary documentation showing the units cleaned and dates completed.


As the bioburden accumulates inside a chamber so does the debris on a loading cart. Both the sterilizer and the loading carts endure the same strains from continuous use.  Mineral deposits have a tendency to buildup underneath each rack.  The buildup can then cause drips on the wraps below resulting in having to rerun a case.  Creating a maintenance schedule will reduce these risks allowing the department to run more efficiently.



Daily, weekly and monthly cleanings are vital for keeping your washer running efficiently.  However, the difficult to remove buildup that occurs over time needs to be removed to ensure the effectiveness and life expectancy of your unit.  A regularly occurring deep cleaning, will remove the buildup of particles that have occurred after continuous use to restore the life of your washer.

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